10 Random Facts!

Because who doesn’t love random facts?

Here are 10 random facts about yours truly!

1.)   I LOVE all things s’more (S’mores are life)! Honestly, I’m not really sure how I became so obsessed with the tasty treat and frankly I don’t care because they are delicious! I’m not ashamed to admit if it looks like a s’more, smells like a s’more or tastes like a s’more then take my money because I want it!!!

How cute are these matching his and her marshmallow mugs?! (They made me think of s’mores so I bought them.)
I present to you Heaven in a cup AKA the S’mores Frappuccino from Starbucks! If you haven’t tried it yet, get it, it’s amazing!

One time I legit roasted marshmallows on my stove burners because I was craving them so bad, but then the smoke alarm went off so I’ve refrained from making them accept on camping trips *sad face*. However, to placate my craving for s’mores I came up with a super easy s’more croissant that is delicious in every way (Promise I’ll post it later). Most recently, my man blew my mind when he informed me that you could bake s’mores in the oven (Duh, why didn’t I think of that?!), which I immediately had to test. Sure enough I’m happy to report I will be having s’more ALL.THE.TIME!

2.)   My favorite number is 10, coincidentally (Or not!) my birthday is October 10th, which I think is pretty cool.

3.)   My favorite holiday is Halloween! I just love all the cute and creepy decorations and honestly what girl doesn’t like an excuse to dress up and be something or somebody else for a night (My favorite was when I went as my favorite cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit).

My daughter was also coincidentally born on Halloween (My due date with her was mid-November but she decided to surprise me and come 3 weeks early) and her nickname is Boo or BooBoo or sometimes BooBoo Girl because of it.

Cutest lil’ pumpkin in the patch!

4.)   My first celebrity crush was Brad Pitt, when I saw him in Legends of the Fall (I was 9 at the time and it was love at first sight, lol!) I swore if I had a son I would name him Tristan because of this movie (And not so secretly hope he looked like Brad, his eyes are gorgeous!). Seriously if you’ve never seen it go watch it, it’s got such a great storyline and all the actors are amazing; Anthony Hopkins is legendary and Brad Pitt is rugged, dreamy, sexy, sensitive, did I say sexy already? Honestly, I’ve yet to watch a film of his and not like it, I think he’s such a wonderfully talented actor and let’s not forget he’s not too bad on the eyes either (Have you seen him in Fight Club or Troy? #hottie #dreamy #marrymebrad).

5.)   I like to cross-stitch. It’s the first thing I ever remember my mom teaching me to do so whenever I do it I feel like I’m connected to her in a way. Not gonna lie, I’ve yet to finish one (I’ve probably started about a dozen over the years). I suffer from being a perfectionist so if I mess up I either lose interest (before I know it I have no idea where I left off) or I start over (Yes I know I could just fix my mistake and continue but I don’t, until recently). I bought a Beauty and the Beast themed cross-stitch two years ago in the midst of a manic episode that I have yet to complete (I mainly work on it during my manic and depressive episodes as a way to help me focus and keep me engaged in a positive outlet) but I’m feeling optimistic about this one.

6.)   My favorite Disney princess is Belle. Growing up she was the most relatable of all the princesses: brunette (same), ostracized (check), stubborn (maybe just a little), book-loving (also me), smart (at times), kind (I tried) and pretty (possibly me). As an adult and a parent I’d still pick Belle, her determination is something I find admirable and I think her character is a well-rounded positive influence for my daughters as well. I totally squealed like a little girl when I found out they were doing a live adaptation of Beauty and the Beast that I had to make a day of it (also Love Bug loves Beauty and the Beast too, so much so that I threw her an over the top Beauty and the Beast party last year, I’ll post more on it later).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I penciled it into my planner and everything, I took the day off from work and kept my girls out of school just so I could surprise them, it was nothing short of amazing and we all were entranced by it (I felt like a little girl falling in love with it all over again). My second favorite princess is Ariel (because she’s a fucking mermaid, duh!).

7.)   I have 15 tattoos (going by the “if they don’t touch it doesn’t count as one” rule) and hell yes I want more. I love tattoos and have always been fascinated with them, the idea of attaching a story or significance to an image to adorn your body with for the rest of your life is both beautiful and appealing to me. I got my first tattoo when I was 18, it’s my zodiac sign next to a blue lily; I got the zodiac because at the time everyone was getting random cutesy flash art but knowing it would be on my skin forever I wanted something that I knew would never change (I can’t just wake up tomorrow and decide I’m not a Libra anymore, right?), the lily however was a more impromptu decision (I wanted a flower and liked lilies but didn’t like pink so went with my favorite color instead). Every single one of my tattoos (most of them are a tribute to my daughter) carry such a special meaning or significance to me that I chose to permanently display them on my flesh and I wear them proudly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8.)   I was married for 8 years (currently going through the divorce process, which is brutal) to my “high school sweetheart”. We met when I was seventeen during my senior year of high school (he was nineteen and in college, which made me feel cool), he was my “first love” (and my first you know) and I thought it was true love (turns out it was mainly raging teen hormones, ignorance and blind love). In the beginning it was really great, we had that romance movie worthy love, he was handsome and funny, charming and smart, he made me feel pretty and safe and when you’re 17 that’s all you really care about. After I graduated he proposed to me after dating for a year and a half, to which I said yes (young and stupid is all I can say in my defense) and we were living together 6 months later. We got married in 2008 (I was nineteen) in front of 150 of our closest friends and family. Life was new and exciting after we exchanged “I do,” especially our honeymoon in Ireland where I could legally drink and managed to get blackout drunk on cosmopolitans and Irish car bombs (Whoever decided to put the  bathrooms downstairs in a bar is an asshole! I had a bruise the size of a soft ball on my arm and my shin to take home as a souvenir). 

Upon coming home we had the “when should we start a family” talk and decided to wait till after our first anniversary to start trying, in the mean time we enjoyed the “honeymoon phase” we stayed busy with work, school and social functions but things started to change when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (so much for “in sickness and in health”) and he started to hover over my every move and question everything I did (not helpful or how to be supportive to someone with BD). In December of 2009 we found out we were expecting and I was over the moon excited and scared, I’ve wanted to be a mom since I was 5 years old and I couldn’t wait to hold my child in my arms. August 2010 changed everything, due to unexpected birth complications our baby girl (Sweet Child O’ Mine) passed away shortly after birth.

I associate roses with her so they hold a special signifcance to me and when I saw this I just had to buy it for her fairy garden.

Things between us were never the same (our path began to split in two and lead us apart) I immediately went to a counselor for grief support (he didn’t), I voiced that part of me died with her and how I felt hollow and barren (he bottled everything up), and I desperately needed to feel life grow within me once again and asked when we could try again (he didn’t even want to talk about it). We fumbled along as best we could for months and months until surprise!

BooBoo as a witch ❤

Our little BooBoo Girl blessed our life and we were overwhelmed with love for our happy and healthy daughter (finally our paths became one again). Our renewed path together led us to the arrival of our little Love Bug (our 3rd baby girl was supposed to be a Valentine’s baby) 

Love Bug is simply the sweetest thing!

and once again we were filled with love for these 2 beautiful healthy girls to dedicate our lives to. However, things slowly began to unravel as I dared to ventured off the path to self-discovery and growth (excuse me for wanting an identity other than being a wife and mother). Ultimately I probably stayed far longer than I should have (I was miserable, he was miserable, the household felt miserable), we took a break and got back together, even tried months of marriage counseling, took a break again and got back together again but in the end we just didn’t work (I had become someone I hated just to please him and I resented him for it, he in turn resented me for changing and started to change, he turned in to someone I could no longer love). I needed to make a better life for myself and my girls and I’m not ashamed to admit that I also wanted to be happy and so for the first time in my life I did something selfish and chose myself (I chose to put my happiness and well-being first for a change, which as a mom is so damn hard because all we ever do is think of our kids needs first), I knew if I was happier my girls would eventually be happier too (happy mommy = happy babies, cause science, duh!). So after months of sleepless nights, constant fighting and extreme anxiety I broke down and finally pulled the trigger… on our 8 year wedding anniversary (horrible timing I know but I couldn’t stand the idea of sitting through one more meal together pretending to be so in love and happy when I felt like I was dying on the inside) and told him I wanted a divorce.

9.)   Once upon a time I was a Barbizon model (it was short-lived but fun and it gave me some much-needed confidence after my father disowned me and demolished any self-esteem I had at the time). A couple of years ago a local photographer friend of mine needed a model for a boudoir photo shoot and I impulsively offered to help her out, which surprisingly lead to my prints being selected as marketing art for a local lingerie store (pretty cool if you ask me, especially considering this was after having 3 kids).

10.)   I’m a firm believer in the paranormal (watching paranormal investigating shows is one of my guilty pleasures, like watching Real Housewives but with ghosts and demons and stuff), I whole heartedly believe my daughter’s spirit is still with me and that she watches over and protects her family. She likes to switch things up and occassionally visit my mom (my mom and I are extremely close, so much so that I named my daughter after her) and we joke about whose turn it is to be haunted.

My stepdad swears he’s seen her sitting in the rocking chair in their bedroom watching them sleep and recently he said he saw her in the reflection of the tv in their bedroom. My mom has heard her voice ask “where’s Papa?” (nothing like hearing a small girls voice in your home when you’re all alone in the middle of nowhere to make you a believer), my mom’s also felt something brush the back of her legs and when she turned to look she watched a small black shadow dart into her closet.

My best experience with her was when we went camping in the desert 2 years ago for Thanksgiving as is our family tradition, we had rented our own RV and were had a great time minus constantly trying to fix the heater (it gets fucking freezing at night in the desert), both my husband and I had headaches and to top it off both girls had developed coughs and tummy pain. So on our last night I’m woken up out of a dead sleep (I’m an intensely sound sleeper, a bomb could go off and I probably wouldn’t notice) it was deafeningly silent and I kept feeling this presense of someone watching me from the foot of the bed so I looked down expecting to see BooBoo Girl but there was nobody. I laid there a few minutes and decided I better get up and check on my girls who were asleep in the front of the RV on the fold out couch, it was cold and I couldn’t hear the heater running so I put an extra blanket on the girls who were both snoring and got back in bed. I tried to get comfortable in the now cold bed (I despise being cold, once I’m cold I feel I can’t get warm enough and I’m miserable) I had just started to drift off when I heard “MOM!” (I’m just gonna say that as a mother you know what your kids voices sound like, all their different tones and distinctions that make their voice unique and recognizable out of a room full of people, I knew in that moment that was my child’s voice despite never hearing it before) I bolted upright and looked around, the hair on the back of my neck was prickling as I peeked toward the front of the RV and listened for any sounds that one of my girls was awake. After a minute or two of silence I laid back down still feeling like someone was standing by the bed and closed my eyes, when all of a sudden *BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!* the carbon monoxide detector starts going off, I jumped out of bed like it was on fire and grabbed Love Bug while my husband followed suit and grabbed BooBoo Girl and we hurried into my parents RV (the girls and I crawled in bed with my sister while my husband took the couch). In the morning we found out that the RV was slowly leaking carbon monoxide during our trip (I believe with all my heart that Sweet Child O’ Mine was there in spirit watching over us and had she not been there to call out to me and warn me things could of been much worse). On a side note thanks to the marvels of Snapchat and it’s many facial recognition filters I’ve managed to capture a few snaps of Sweet Child O’ Mine.

I spy with my little eye…
I feel her with me constantly 🙂

So there you have it folks, 10 (or more) random facts about me, feel free to comment with a random fact about yourself (you know so I don’t feel awkward for overly sharing or not, totally cool either way). If you want s’more (haha pun intended) I’ll be sharing a few s’more recipes that I’ve come up with and or tried and deemed worthy of sharing (because sharing is caring, am I right?).

XO, Ris


3 thoughts on “10 Random Facts!

  1. I just want to say thank you for finding my blog and allowing me to find yours. I love your style of writing, honesty, personality, actually love everything about you so far 😉 S’mores are pretty easy to make in the oven, plus they won’t set off your fire alarm. If you like and believe in the paranormal, you should definitely go check out Tanglewood Tapestries. Tamy puts up a story every week on her “Scary Saturday” posts. I’ve yet to try cross-stitching, but totally understand how perfectionism stops you from finishing projects, I’ve spent years working on mine. Well, enough blabbing on my part, looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not gonna lie you totally just made my whole day! Thank you for all your kind words. You really helped ease my anxiety over whether I’m doing this whole blog thing right 😉 I enjoyed reading your post about teaching yourself to sew on your grandmothers sewing machine, as for your bobbin issue try re-threading it and making sure it’s catching on the little loopy thing (that’s definitely a technical term, right?), I taught myself to sew a few years ago and it’s super fun once you get the basics down. I haven’t sewn in about a year but I’m actually going to make a baby blanket for my cousin this weekend (wish me luck). Anyways, thanks for stopping by and I too am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad I made your day ;). Thanks for the tip with the sewing machine! Unfortunately, it didn’t work :(. Oh well, I may have to dish out some cash to get it repaired after all. Oooh a baby blanket, have fun!


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